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Finding a good subject for science project is a challenge. You want a subject that is interesting and educational. In this website you will see a list of many different project ideas with links to their original sources. In addition I will periodically include a project guide that shows you how to do that. I will focus on physics of light related projects. Microscopes, telescopes, cameras, projectors, universal reflectors and solar furnaces are just a few of what you may see here (soon).

How does the 100" big screen TV work?

Using household materials and about one hour of your time, you may construct a projector box like the one shown below. It's really quite simple to build and virtually anyone can build the projector. You then place the projector in front of your existing TV. The projector box then magnifies your TV image and projects it onto your wall. This is similar to a movie theater projector, in that it sits away from your wall or screen and projects toward it.

big screen TV plan bigscreen box for projection TV big screen projection TV

Fresnel lenses are plastic flat lenses used in many overhead projectors.

The applications for Fresnel lenses include lighting, lighthouse, overhead projector, fresnel magnifier, TV projection, condenser system, camera spotlight, automobile headlight, solar energy, rear projection, passive motion detector, traffic sign, solar concentrator, collimator, and LED.

What you need to make a 100" big screen tv package?

  • Wooden Box
  • Fresnel lens
  • Some household tools
  • 60-minute completion time (estimated)
Startup procedure:
  • In a sunny day hold your lens in the sun and see where it focus the sunlight. That is the focal point. Measure and record the distance of focal point from the lens.
  • Make a box for your projector. One side of the box must be open. This side is equal to the size of your TV screen.
  • On the opposite side mount a fresnel lens.
  • Mount the box in front of your TV.

You can see a sample at http://www.diyprojectiontv.tk/ 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I project this onto my wall or do I have to use a screen?
A: You can project this onto a wall, screen, bed sheet, or anything light colored.

Q: How many feet from my wall or screen does my big screen projector have to sit?
A: 6-12 feet from your wall is typical.

Q: What size TV does this work with?
A: Virtually any size TV will work. However a 13"-29" TV works best.

Some of the best science projects that we will feature in near future are:

  • Make Electricity (from Chemicals or fruits)
  • Testing fruits for starch
  • Finger Printing
  • Electric Bell

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